At Canon Medical, we believe in providing meaningful innovations that enable you to enhance your business and patient outcomes. That’s why we invest solely in research and product development that directly addresses your specific patient and business needs to help improve life for everyone.
Our products are designed to be as simple to use as possible. A user-friendly interface, easy-to-access data, and easy positioning can save you and your patient precious time.
New users can quickly understand each product's functionality, learn how to operate them, and achieve the desired outcomes fast, minimizing training requirements for staff.
Our advanced technologies help speed up examinations and increase throughput. Innovative AI technologies in particular, help enhance clinician confidence in diagnosis and support better patient outcomes. They can help reduce burdens, such as certain practical difficulties of examination, contribute to avoiding having to re-image, and improve detection and diagnosis.

Cost Ownership

We have developed AI technologies that can automate specific procedures to provide assistance to users and clinicans, and save time. Our products offer exceptional reliability and streamline workflows to minimize delay between examinations. They also can integrate easily into existing hospital infrastructure. In addition, our systems can reduce the long-term costs of ownership, as our products are upgradable and future-proof.

Service Quality

Alongside our products, we offer quality service that fits your healthcare facility's unique needs. Service and customer support ensure that our advanced systems can be used safely and deliver optimum performance at all times.

Image Quality

High-quality images can enhance clinical confidence in diagnosis. Clear and high-quality images deliver more anatomical detail and enable quantifiable imaging for better clinical confidence. AI technology and deep learning provide better and better quality images.
Our partnerships lead to new innovation. Collaborating with experts and professionals brings meaningful innovation into being. We are interested in working with you to bring new solutions based on your needs to life.


Efficient workflow can streamline how patients and clinical data move through your department's system. With focus on patient and clinician outcomes, it can also accelarate patient examinations.

Precision Medicine

We focus on personalized care for patients. Our products can support patients from every angle with healthcare IT solutions. This avoids unnecessary examinations and complicated workflow.