Every CT scanner
Exactly the way you want.

Computed Tomography

CT scanners designed for patient's safety and satisfaction with technology that meets your needs now and in the future.

Advanced technologies and ergonomics are standard on every configuration. So state-of-the-art capabilities are readily available or scanning the widest range of patients – from pediatric to bariatric. Industry-leading, automated dose reduction capabilities improve patient safety and increase your quality of care.

Aquilion Serve

Aquilion Serve features the same low-dose, AI-assisted technologies that you have come to expect from us, with the added benefit of a simplified and streamlined workflow.
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What’s next in CT for Canon Medical?

Canon Medical now offers updates to the Aquilion ONE / PRISM Edition. With Precise IQ Engine (PIQE), we have added super resolution Deep Learning Reconstruction for CT cardiac scans that will further improve the level of image quality that Aquilion ONE / PRISM Edition can deliver. Another new feature is the SilverBeam Filter, which allows CT lung cancer screening at a dose on the order of a chest X-ray exam.

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CT Guided Interventions

Conduct faster, more focused interventional procedures with our new hybrid touch-panel interface that enables one-handed operation thanks to ergonomically designed controls and a versatile touchscreen tablet.

Mobile CT Solution

Clinical Confidence Anywhere

Harness the power of the Aquilion Prime SP systems wherever and whenever you need them. The design of our mobile medical equipment allows for high-patient throughput, without compromising on patient safety, workflow, or image quality.


Introducing Deep Learning Spectral Imaging

Canon Medical’s Deep Learning Spectral CT system has been designed to take your imaging capabilities to a whole new level.

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Integrated Intelligence

Advanced intelligent Clear-IQ Engine (AiCE)

AiCE is a revolutionary approach to CT reconstruction that uses Deep Learning innovation to match the spatial resolution and low-noise properties of advanced model-based iterative reconstructions to produce high quality images at low doses.
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Enhanced Iodine Imaging

Angiography SURESubtraction CT & Iodine Mapping SURESubtraction CT

Upgrade every multi phase CT protocol with enhanced iodine imaging that provides whole organ perfusion, improves the visualization of subtle lesions, and provides an excellent view of vessel lumens that is free from calcium stents and bone.

SURE Subtraction Read the scientific article on Ultra-High Resolution Subtraction CT Watch clinical cases using SCT technology

Clinical applications for CT

Advanced Visualization

Advanced visualization solutions designed to grow with the needs of your organization

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