Accelerated scanning combined with AI to restore SNR – the perfect solution

Tablet User Interface for advancing 3T MRI productivity

From your first touch point with the patient the mobile tablet remotely confirms and integrates patient information. Minimize steps by being led through the set-up process and reduce the need for re-scans with accurate protocol planning.

High Productivity for 3T MRI efficiency with Ceiling Camera and Intelligent Monitor

Our Ceiling Camera solution transmits key information to be displayed on the Intelligent Monitor, confirms coil set-up and assists patient positioning.
The Intelligent Monitor installed in the gantry displays the bird's-eye view captured by the Ceiling Camera. This assists in setting the optimal scan position without relying on the patient to move around.

Automated Landmark Setting

Displayed at the imaging site selected by Protocol Anatomical Selection (PAS)Imaging center line is determined from the PAS reserved on the tablet or the PAS registered on the console.

Standardize 3T MRI workflow with Auto Scan Assist

Auto Scan Assist standardizes workflow with automated slice alignment for a range of exams including liver, prostate and whole spine. Utilizing Deep Learning and Machine Learning based automatic recognition, productivity is advanced to enhance procedural efficiency.

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ForeSee View

ForeSee View is an essential scan planning tool allowing you to preview slice planning in real time. Enabling planning from edge to edge in the region you wish to image, ForeSee View is particularly useful in anatomies that can be difficult to plan such as the pancreas, the heart, orthopedic joints, tortuous vessels and ligaments, and complex post-surgery vessels and arteries.

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Enhance productivity through simplified cleaning

As procedure numbers increase so does the time required for cleaning. The new gloss coating allows for easier and faster cleaning which saves time between procedures, allowing you to quickly proceed to the next patient.

Make a smart investment choice with Vantage Galan 3T

Every inch on Vantage Galan 3T has been designed for efficient use of space while minimizing energy consumption. The system’s zero boil-off magnet can often fit into the same space as a 1.5T system, while simultaneously providing a comfortable, open environment for your patients.

Minimize energy use in a compact space

Vantage Galan 3T’s power-saving ECO Mode is automatically triggered when you lower the patient couch to help you minimize your running costs. At only 70 kVA1 Vantage Galan 3T has one of the lowest rated power requirement in its class.

1 For Saturn X Gradient, 90 kVA is required

Save space

Small size, big performance. The system’s short and compact bore minimizes patient anxiety and at the same time allows a 3T scanner to be installed in a room originally designed to hold a 1.5T system. The eco-friendly cabinet design simplifies and shortens installation time.

2 The 5 Gauss line is not confined within the scan room. Controlled access area should be taken into account by the facility when preparing for installation. The above specifications may not meet the local requirements such as for access as is required by the Americans with Disabilities Act in the United States.
Please consult with your architectural and/or electric consultant for coding requirements. Some power equipment may be required to be placed in a dedicated electrical room.

Accelerated scanning combined with AI to restore SNR – the perfect solution

Reducing scan time improves the patient experience and increases throughput. With intelligent technology that advances our rapid scan technology, Vantage Galan 3T delivers productivity that goes beyond expectations.
Fast scanning techniques like Compressed SPEEDER and Fast 3D mode are essential to increase throughput but can be at the expense of SNR. Canon’s AI boosted Advanced intelligent Clear-IQ Engine (AiCE) solves that challenge by removing noise from images and restoring SNR.

Compressed SPEEDER accelerated scanning in 2D and 3D

Compressed SPEEDER* is a unique approach which maintains excellent imaging performance while enabling high-speed imaging at up to four times current scan speeds by combining with 2D scans, or while enabling high resolution imaging by combining with 3D scans.

* Compressed SPEEDER is covered by the following U.S. Patent number: 7,646,924.

Compressed SPEEDER for 3D imaging

Compressed SPEEDER for 2D imaging

Fast 3D mode reduces scan times up to 50%

Fast 3D mode reduces scan times up to 50%** for different contrast weighted images while maintaining homogeneity and fat suppression.

** as compared to standard sequence.

Accelerate scans with unique Exsper parallel imaging

Exsper is a unique parallel imaging scan acceleration technique enabling reduced scan time for a broad range of sequences. Robust imaging capability is expanded to increase scan resolution, while reducing the chance for aliasing artifacts (white arrow).

Accelerated UTE enables ultra-short imaging for lung and bone

Accelerated ultrashort TE MRI incorporates an advanced parallel imaging algorithm to boost scan efficiency in short TE applications. Enhanced imaging speed empowers radial UTE, a promising tool for clinical applications such as lung and bone imaging.