Inspire new frontiers

With industry highest gradient performance at 3T MRI, Vantage Centurian will inspire your research to new frontiers. Unique gradient and cooling technology delivers high anatomical detail and quantifiable imaging, and intelligent applications remove noise while increasing SNR and accelerate scan speeds. Combined with an open sequence development environment and Canon Medical’s collaborative support network of clinical and scientific support, Vantage Centurian is the MRI system that brings research to the real world.

Inspiring research with high performance hardware

Industry leading high gradient performance

With high gradient technology delivering industry-leading peak gradient amplitude specifications of 100 mT/m at 200 T/m/s and the ability to simultaneously reach maximum gradient strength and slew rate, Vantage Centurian provides the highest whole-body MRI performance potential in the research market. Diffusion-weighted imaging in particular benefits from the high gradient specification of 100 mT/m, delivering anatomical detail enabling researchers to more accurately characterize morphologic and functional tissue integrity at the early stages of disease. Furthermore, quantifiable image performance is achieved while maintaining high gradient strength through a new direct cooling technology that stabilizes temperature performance by significantly reducing the heat and eddy currents generated.

Explore with intelligent applications

Advanced intelligent Clear-IQ Engine (AiCE)

Canon’s Advanced intelligent Clear-IQ Engine (AiCE) utilizes a deep convolutional neural network to intelligently identify and remove noise from MR images. The reconstructed images result in higher SNR thereby enabling increased anatomical detail and spatial resolution. AiCE technology utilizes intelligent artificial intelligence algorithms to see through the noise, delivering sharp clear and distinct images. Combined with Vantage Centurian’s high gradient performance, AiCE takes MRI imaging to new frontiers.

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Explore with intelligent applications

Compressed SPEEDER* accelerates scanning while maintaining image quality performance

Compressed SPEEDER technology is an imaging acceleration application that combines a new parallel imaging technique utilizing a multi-sensitivity map and compressed sensing technology. This unique approach enables high-speed imaging with minimized image quality degradation during 2D imaging, a known issue of conventional compressed sensing methods. In addition, the combination of Compressed SPEEDER with AiCE makes it possible to achieve both high image quality and high scan speed at previously unachievable levels.

* Compressed SPEEDER is covered by the following U.S. Patent number: 7,646,924.

Collaborate with a strong industry partnership

With many global collaborations already established in the MR field, Canon Medical is a strong and supportive collaboration partner. Including our subsidiary companies like Olea Medical, we can support your research with world class MR technology, ongoing clinical and scientific support at your facility or partnering with congresses and societies.

Research and Clinical Support

Learn how our clinical scientist team collaborated with Bordeaux University in France to support the evaluation of our Advanced intelligent Clear-IQ Engine (AiCE) technology.

Olea Software Development Kit (SDK)

A platform for imaging researchers, everything is made easier with Olea’s Software Development Kit.